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A Better Way to Do Deployment Scheduling

Remotely deploying equipment like workstations, switches, and the like from your MSP to a client seems easy on paper, until you get into the details. While setting up a new piece of technology is routine for your service team, it can be a daunting task for clients. So, you typically need to schedule some time with your client to walk them through it all, a process which Dell describes as a “nightmare.”

Traditionally, you’ve had a few options. You can prearrange a time to meet based on when you expect the equipment will arrive or you can have them contact you once it does arrive. Both tend to create a suboptimal client experience, because shipments can get delayed and the back and forth of scheduling is a waste of everyone’s time. But there is a smarter, more elegant way to schedule these setups that only TimeZest can pull off.

QR Codes + TimeZest Shareable URLs = Better Deployments

A yellow cardboard box with a QR code on it.What we’ve seen our best-in-class MSP customers doing more and more is asking their clients to schedule time with them when the package arrives using a Shareable URL from TimeZest. A slip of paper along with the shipment, or even a big sticker on the shipping box that directs them to schedule time before they do who only knows what with it unassisted. 

So that the client can easily schedule a time, you can provide a shortened URL from a service like bit.ly or a QR code that points to a Shareable URL created for this purpose. Once they schedule a time, TimeZest can create a ticket in your PSA and update your tech’s calendar accordingly.


  • Streamlined Communication: This approach eliminates back-and-forth emails trying to find a time.
  • Flexibility for Clients: Clients have the freedom to choose any time slot that suits them best not just a handful you manually select.
  • Increased Efficiency: Instead of receiving phone calls and emails requesting a time to meet, technicians can better manage their time, leading to more optimized service delivery and focus.
  • Client Satisfaction: By empowering clients to schedule at their convenience, it puts the ball in their court to find a time, so they are never waiting for you.

Real-World Application

  • After setting up a new workstation, you place a QR code on the box with instructions to schedule a setup walkthrough at their convenience. 
  • The client scans the QR code, selects an available time slot, and just like that, they are set to receive personalized guidance on their new workstation without any of the typical scheduling headaches.
  • If they need to reschedule, they can do so without having to wait for your team to respond.

Why TimeZest?

TimeZest isn’t just another scheduling tool; it’s a solution built from the ground up for MSPs. It’s the only scheduling platform that integrates with PSA tools and we’re always developing towards an IT workflow. If you’re interested in creating a better deployment experience give TimeZest a try!