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can be hell…

The back and forth emails, mountain of missed calls and forgotten support sessions… Every day, your staff lose precious time.



Surveys show that 85% of MSPs and IT Solution Providers consider scheduling calls or remote support sessions with clients to be a time-consuming hassle. Yet just 6% have harnessed the power of a scheduling automation solution. That figure shocked us…


So we decided to make scheduling a cinch

TimeZest is scheduling for ConnectWise Manage at its best, empowering your clients to find and book the time that works for them.

Choices are made based on your team’s real-time availability, confirmed with automatic calendar invites, and followed up with non-invasive reminders.

Tickets are updated automatically within ConnectWise Manage for an enjoyable, organic workflow extension, streamlining the scheduling process for faster ticket resolutions.

So whether your client wants to set up a chat session, call, remote support or onsite visit, you and them both can break free of scheduling hell.


Scheduling serenity

We built TimeZest to make scheduling with clients a natural and painless extension of your ConnectWise Manage ticketing workflow.

100% ConnectWise Manage

Designed and built for the specific needs of MSPs and TSPs who run their business on ConnectWise Manage

Schedule directly from
the ticket

Use the TimeZest Pod to schedule with clients without ever leaving the ticket. Once your client has booked a time, we update the ticket, schedule the resource, and away you go


No back and forth mess of emails, missed calls and double bookings just the right time that works best for you and your client


Allow your clients to schedule with any available member of a team using advanced routing logic including Round Robin and Maximum Availability


Ensure there’s time before and after appointments to prepare and follow up


Only want clients to book appointments before lunch? Set custom availability for each member

Time Zones
Made Easy

TimeZest makes it easy for clients to schedule based on their local time zone. No mental gymnastics needed


Customize TimeZest with your logo and brand colors to give clients the seamless experience they expect


Never been simpler

With TimeZest, it’s truly effortless for your staff to directly schedule with clients from within ConnectWise Manage.








Scheduling Request

When your team is ready to schedule with a client, they decide how much time will be needed and use the TimeZest Pod to kick off the scheduling request.



TimeZest shares a scheduling link with your client, inviting them to choose the time that best suits them. Times are based on your team member’s real-time availability, company’s regular working hours and holiday schedule.


Appointment Booked

Once scheduled, TimeZest sends your client a confirmation email and calendar item, updates the ticket status in ConnectWise Manage, and allocates your staff as a ticket resource. Oh, and we update the ticket’s internal notes along the way so everybody knows exactly what’s going on.


See how easy client scheduling is with TimeZest


Everyone’s happy



Less time wasted scheduling means more billable time for your staff and an improved bottom line for your company


TimeZest streamlines the scheduling process for quicker, more attentive ticket resolutions. Perfect!


When you solve your clients’ problems faster, they’re guaranteed to be happier


But don’t take
our word for it


5 Star Rating in the ConnectWise Marketplace


Simple. Elegant. Functional. Of the hundreds of ConnectWise add-ons that aim to make our lives easier, TimeZest actually delivers 100%. Clients love it and our staff does too

Bas van Nunen
Alliance Business Technologies
Brisbane, Australia

TimeZest has completely removed the headache of back-and-forth scheduling emails. It is a brilliant solution which has improved efficiency for many departments. Very little setup time and extremely easy to manage. We are so happy with TimeZest!

Erin Stelter
Stratosphere Networks
Evanston, IL USA

We’ve watched TimeZest mature into a game-changer for busy MSPs. It reduces the hassle of constant back and forth emails (or worse, voicemails) trying to get a remote session or onsite scheduled. You can’t go wrong with TimeZest.

Thomas Fox
Tech Experts
Monroe, MI, USA

TimeZest has been a huge time saver for our technical team! Probably the #1 best addition to ConnectWise in years! They keep improving and adding features so it is getting even better!

Wayne Edgar
F1 Solutions
Huntsville, AL, USA

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No, you can cancel any time.

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