No More Scheduling Ping-Pong! How One Simple Tool Can Eliminate This Costly Frustration For Good

As an MSP, you thought you were hiring skilled techs and dispatchers to handle the urgent, complex tech issues your clients face. If you ask any tech where they spend a disproportionate amount of their time, they will tell you one thing: scheduling the support appointment. Nuanced security and access issues they can handle in their sleep, but getting your clients to commit to a time and show up for the appointment, that’s where you’re missing opportunity due to lost time, persistently unresolved tickets, and increased frustration all around. As a team of MSP-industry professionals, we understand how serious this issue is to the profitability of your business and designed TimeZest as a simple, seamless solution that eliminates scheduling ping-pong once and for all – and improves customer perceptions and tech job satisfaction, too. Here’s how it works. 

How TimeZest Seamlessly Eliminates Scheduling Ping-Pong Once And For All.

1. It’s All About Automation

The world has enough scheduling programs. What we need is automation. In creating TimeZest, we reinvented the way help desks schedule support appointments by automating the process so that an optimal time for both your client and the best tech for the issue as part of the ticket generation process. No scheduling ping-pong – or any communication at all – necessary.

2. Seamless PSA Integration

We created TimeZest to make your existing PSA work harder for you by integrating seamlessly into your existing ConnectWise, Autotask, or other professional service automation product. This way, your support appointment scheduling is embedded right in the workflow, not a separate task that quickly becomes cumbersome and time-consuming.

3. Save More Than Time 

Scheduling ping-pong is frustrating and annoying, but those words belie the true cost that comes with this inefficiency to your company. Yes, you lose time to the task (shockingly, up to one month a year in time is lost to scheduling ping-pong), but it also dilutes the work experience for your valuable, talented techs, wasting their considerable skill and training. Inefficiency causes client perception to falter – even though it’s often actually something that is largely on the client’s side to control. This brings us to the most critical piece of the scheduling ping-pong experience: the no-show. 

4. No More No-Shows

Clients get busy and often – alarmingly often – fail to show up for their support appointments. This means that, after considerable time and effort to actually schedule the appointment, the tech then has to start over again with a new game of scheduling ping-pong, the client’s issue remains unresolved, and no one is satisfied by the experience. TimeZest has a direct impact on eliminating no-shows both by initially scheduling the optimal time for your client during the ticketing process and by incorporating a simple, seamless process for clients to reschedule if the time no longer works for them.  

5. Let Your Team Shine

You hired the best, but scheduling ping-pong can dull the luster on even the most talented and responsive helpdesk. TimeZest helps improve customer perception by helping clients see the responsive, agile nature of your helpdesk to quickly and efficiently resolve their issues without endless back-and-forth communication around scheduling that doesn’t move them closer to the resolution of the problem. The truth is: your helpdesk will be just as busy, but your clients will not feel the frustration that is a harmful side effect of scheduling ping-pong. 

Game. Set. Match

We created TimeZest because we knew that automating the scheduling support experience was the key to increasing efficiency, reducing frustration, and improving customer perception and tech satisfaction. We’re proud to have created a seamlessly integrated, automated support scheduling solution that will eliminate scheduling ping-pong for your helpdesk and clients – for good. Learn more about TimeZest.