Why Customers Choose TimeZest

As MSP-industry professionals, we get the challenges that today’s MSP helpdesks are facing. Surprisingly, the top pain point we heard from MSPs (and experienced ourselves) wasn’t onboarding new tech or other complex technical tasks – it was scheduling support appointments. This seemingly negligible issue eats up a disproportionate amount of time, efficiency, and profit for MSP helpdesks, creating overtaxed, inefficient helpdesk and burned-out techs.

That’s why we created TimeZest. Our revolutionary automated scheduling is designed to eliminate the costly inefficiencies of scheduling support tickets by integrating seamlessly into your PSA, optimizing your helpdesk efficiency and profitability. 

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers have to say about why they choose TimeZest to maximize their MSP helpdesks.

Top 5 Reasons Why Customers Choose TimeZest

1. Eliminates Scheduling Ping Pong

TimeZest is the best! We have seen immediate value from the tool and it has helped our service desk serve clients more effectively by removing one of our largest pain points. Removing the game of schedule tag from our support process allows us to serve our clients more effectively since they are already busy enough. One of our goals as a good partner is to remove any time they spend on IT and this helps us meet that goal more effectively. Thank you TimeZest! – Joshua Jones, Unicom Technologies, Inc.

With TimeZest, we have reinvented helpdesk scheduling through revolutionary automation that eliminates unnecessary steps that prolong issue resolution for your client. By automating the process of selecting optimal times for both the client and the right tech, TimeZest eliminates the back and forth of scheduling ping pong through phone calls and emails between clients, dispatchers, and techs.  

2. Integrates seamlessly into your PSA

TimeZest is the answer we’ve been waiting for. I am in sales and have been using various third-party tools to schedule meetings with clients and prospects which worked ok but lacked the CRM integration. TimeZest integrates perfectly, allowing you to invite people directly from within ConnectWise Manage and it shows the communication within the internal notes of the ticket. Love the simple and easy interface of the booking tool.Dylan Hodge, Daxtech IT Solutions

Incredibly easy to implement in Connectwise Manage. So simple and streamlined but then a huge impact on ticket management and scheduling. Given its reasonable pricing, TimeZest is a no-brainer for any company using Connectwise Manage.Diana Scott, BlueCastle IT Solutions LLC

TimeZest helps your existing platform work harder for you. Unlike many add-on scheduling workflow applications, TimeZest is designed to integrate into your existing professional service automation products (PSA), such as ConnectWise and Autotask. And, because scheduling the support appointment can be embedded in service tickets, you never have to leave the workflow environment to begin a separate scheduling task. 

3. Eliminates wasted time, money, and frustration. 

Recently implement TimeZest and can already tell that this is going to be life-changing for our support team. No more wasting time trying to get our client’s tickets scheduled for support. Easy to set up, easy to test, easy to train. TimeZest support is awesome!Mona Palmer, PCS

Scheduling can eat up a shocking two weeks of employee time every year, costing your company lost opportunity, rework, negative client perception, and employee dissatisfaction. By resolving this single, but critical, pain point you’re creating an efficiency that has an exponential payoff in improved client and employee satisfaction, and optimized efficiency and profitability of your MSP helpdesk.

Support when you need it

We’ve been using TimeZest for almost a year now. And I can honestly say that it has been fantastic to enable our clients to schedule time with us. We’ve reduced incoming phone calls because clients know exactly when we are scheduled to talk with them. The TimeZest product is extremely solid and constantly evolving with useful additions. And their support is very good, though fortunately, we’ve only needed to contact them on very rare occasions. Highly recommend.Ken Schumann, MLS Technology Group

We want TimeZest to work perfectly, every time and designed it to seamlessly integrate with your existing PSA so you can forget about scheduling headaches and get back to serving your clients. In the cases where you do need support – we designed that to be seamless, too. Our dedicated support team of experts will help you navigate through onboarding, setup, maintenance, troubleshooting, customization, and anything else you need. We’re here for you.

4. Eliminates no-shows. 

“This product was life-changing for us! For years we have been looking for a way to stop the time that gets wasted by us having to chase users to find a time to connect help them. We tried using different tools out there, however, a tool that is built for ConnectWise was exactly what we needed and at last, we have that with TimeZest!” – Iman Oskoorouchi, TruAdvantage

There are few things more frustrating for your dispatcher and techs than going through the process of aligning schedules for a meeting, only to have a client no-show, starting the process over again. Despite the client being responsible for the no-show, not your team, it can still contribute to the client’s building sense of frustration over the lost time during which their issue still has not been resolved. One of the most powerful benefits of TimeZest is its direct impact on eliminating no shows, thanks to scheduling workflow automation: the optimum time is secured on the client’s calendar from the beginning, and you can empower your clients to have the option to easily reschedule if they need to – instead of just not showing up. 

5. Reduces unnecessary communication and perceived “business”

“We’re relatively new to TimeZest yet, but we’ve been using it to schedule our hard to peg down users. Instead of our techs having to manually reach out every day or so, we set TimeZest to schedule and let it do its thing. Really nice to be able to not worry about it and you can also have it close the ticket after so many days of no response. Big time saver there and really loving it so far.” – Noah Weir, DKBInnovative, LLC

One of the most interesting and exciting benefits of TimeZest was revealed to us in a customer testimonial. The customer told us that, before using TimeZest, their helpdesk was slammed and their clients would complain about help desk availability. After implementing TimeZest, their help desk was every bit as busy – but their clients stopped complaining about their availability! TimeZest’s scheduling automation had shifted the psychology around the engagement with their clients, giving them immediate control over when to schedule help desk service  –  and that’s a game-changer.

We’re in this together.

We’re proud to have created a revolutionary solution to an all-too-common problem for our clients. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing directly from the MSP helpdesks we serve that our solution has eliminated this painful drain on efficiency and resources for good. Learn more about how you can harness the power of TimeZest to optimize your MSP helpdesk.