Why MSPs Should Ditch ‘Cable Guy Appointment Windows’

If you’re an MSP, you know your clients’ experience with your services is key to retaining their business and encouraging them to recommend your services to other businesses. You’re in a crowded field. Plenty of new customers to be had, but you’re competing with businesses that range from a single person working from home to multibillion dollar corporations with thousands of techs.

Even ISPs like cable companies offer managed IT services. To overcome a competitor like a cable company with their much larger marketing budget, huge team of sales reps and preexisting relationship with thousands of businesses in your area you know you have to offer a better service delivered with a more personal touch. You have to be smarter and more nimble. You have to ditch “cable guy appointment windows.”

It’s a Matter of Respect

Imagine this: your client needs crucial IT support. You tell them, “We’ll be there between 12 PM and 5 PM.” Now, picture your client’s day, held hostage by a frustratingly vague appointment window. Can’t go to lunch, you might get here early. Need to find someone to pick up their kid from school because you *may* get to their appointment during that time. This is the “cable guy” scheduling model – a relic of the past and simply incompatible with exceptional service standards because:

  • Client Inconvenience: Your clients are busy professionals. A broad time window forces them to rearrange their entire day, leading to frustration and a perceived lack of respect for their time.
  • Damaged Trust: Reliability builds trust. When you leave clients guessing about your arrival, it conveys unpredictability which is the opposite of trustworthy.
  • Lost Opportunities: While waiting for you, clients might miss other opportunities. This lost time can translate into a tangible cost for them, indirectly associated with your service.

A better way

Now, imagine offering your clients the ability to schedule a precise time for their appointment that makes their and your tech’s day more predictable while decreasing the amount of time it takes for you and the client to get that time scheduled.  This is where TimeZest comes in:

  • Empowering Clients: TimeZest allows clients to choose a time that suits their schedule. This empowerment enhances their experience and satisfaction with your service.
  • Efficiency and Productivity: Precise scheduling means your team can plan their day better, improving operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Building Trust and Loyalty: Showing respect for your clients’ time strengthens trust. A positive experience increases the likelihood of referrals, crucial for MSP business growth.

When client experience is everything, adopting a client-centric scheduling tool like TimeZest isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a strategic necessity. By moving away from the dreaded “cable guy” model, you respect your clients’ time, enhance their experience, and set your business up for growth through satisfied clients and increased referrals.

The Golden Rule

Next time you get cable guy scheduled for a delivery, service appointment, etc. notice how that feels. As the hours tick by, while you can’t leave where you are, and can’t get too involved with anything because you are waiting on someone you’re not even sure is going to show up, feel those feelings, and ask yourself if you ever want your client to feel like that about you.

Remember, every appointment is an opportunity to show your clients that you value their time as much as they do. At TimeZest we’re committed to helping MSPs build great client experiences that are more efficient for you and your clients. We’re there every step of the way to advise on best practices with a commitment to help you build a first-class business