Get TimeZest’s Revolutionary Automated Scheduling with Seamless PSA Integration

Moving out of the silo, while still harnessing the power of the latest advances in tech is a constant battle. In the MSP industry, we know how critical finding that balance of the right solutions integrated in the right way is to your overall efficiency and profitability. The impact of even the best tech solution is negated if it can’t communicate with or be easily accessed by other departments or solutions, and that inefficiency is felt by your valued internal team members and your clients. The result: a perception of an overtaxed, inefficient helpdesk and burned-out techs with high turnover. 

We designed TimeZest after identifying the single greatest pain point for helpdesks: scheduling support appointments. This one, seemingly simple task takes a disproportionate amount of time and challenges for helpdesks; despite high-end calendar solutions, it’s a clunky process and it often has to be reworked which comes at a cost in time, money, and opportunity for your organization. TimeZest is here to change that, for good. Our revolutionary automated scheduling is designed to eliminate the costly inefficiencies of scheduling support tickets by integrating seamlessly into your PSA. Here’s how it works – and how you can get it, too.

Seamlessly Integrated Automated Scheduling: What You Need To Know

1. TimeZest integrates into your existing PSA in minutes

If you’ve already invested in a comprehensive and high-quality PSA like ConnectWise or Autotask, you should not need an additional program to handle a simple function like scheduling – and it shouldn’t cost you downtime to get a solution integrated into your PSA. TimeZest is designed to connect with your PSAs in just 15 minutes! Once you’re connected, our dedicated support team will work to seamlessly get the API in place so that TimeZest is fully integrated into your PSA.

2. Revolutionary automated scheduling is a game-changer.

Once connected, our revolutionary scheduling automation allows your helpdesk to schedule support appointments as soon as a ticket has been generated. Once a ticket is generated that requires a client meeting, TimeZest secures the optimal time both for your client’s schedule, and the right tech for the job. 

The moment your support appointment is scheduled, your client receives the confirmation and feels reassured that they have all the information about their issue resolution as well as an appointment at a convenient time for them, eliminating the scheduling ping-pong that can cost you over 2 weeks of lost time every year.

3. It’s never been more true: time is money.

Reducing call volume and inefficient task-switching saves your helpdesk time, which increases your profitability. When switching between siloed programs and solutions, your techs rack up time and frustration dealing with the inherent inefficiency of that type of tech stack. When the automation is embedded in your PSA, every aspect of the task happens within that ecosystem from the moment of ticket generation, with no sense of a separate program.

That efficiency pays off in client perception: even though your helpdesk is just as busy as it was before, MSPs tell us that adopting TimeZest changes customer perceptions of the business and the efficiency of their helpdesk. This is primarily because customers have the information they need at their fingertips and a sense of the solution being underway, without needing to call and check-in, or email off a service ticket, creating unnecessary and time-wasting reply time for your helpdesk. 

4. The support scheduling process should be Imperceptible.

With TimeZest, automated scheduling disappears into the background of your workflow as it seamlessly integrates into your PSA. By selecting the right calendar time from the get-go and making it simple for a client to reschedule if needed, TimeZest eliminates costly no-shows and frustration both for clients and techs. 

TimeZest’s support team serves as a resource and efficiency for helpdesks, as our teams are fluent in the PSAs on the market today, removing the need to contact two support departments to resolve issues or customize your experience for your organization.  

5. We’ll grow with you.

As your business grows in both size and complexity, our teams will continue to customize and support the scheduling model you need. We’ve designed TimeZest to support dispatcher best practices so we can help you get started and hone the process to your exact needs now as well as into the future. You have the vision for your business; our job is to integrate seamlessly into that vision to reduce inefficiency and increase productivity for your helpdesk.

We’re in it together.

As MSP-industry veterans, we understand the challenges your helpdesk faces. We knew there had to be a better way and we’re proud to have created a revolutionary automated scheduling solution that can be seamlessly integrated into an existing PSA, eliminating costly scheduling ping pong for good. Learn more about how TimeZest can connect with your existing PSA in minutes here.