5 Ways Automated Scheduling Will Optimize Your MSP Help Desk

5 Ways Automated Scheduling Will Optimize Your MSP Help Desk

If the sheer number of scheduling applications and products available today is any indication, the process of setting and confirming a meeting is one of the most tedious and costly tasks an organization can face. No one experiences this pain more profoundly than MSPs, who are attempting to leverage their talented help desk support team to quickly and efficiently solve the technical issues that have a profound impact on their clients’ business. TimeZest is a game-changer for MSPs, eliminating scheduling ping-pong with a seamless, integrated solution that will effortlessly save you time, money, and frustration – and improve your customer perception. Here’s how…

Top 5 Benefits of TimeZest For Your MSP

1. It’s not just another scheduling program

With TimeZest, we have reinvented help desk scheduling through revolutionary automation that eliminates unnecessary steps that prolong issue resolution for your client. By automating the process of selecting optimal times for both the client and the right tech, TimeZest eliminates the back and forth of scheduling ping pong through phone calls and emails between clients, dispatchers, and techs.  

2. Integrates seamlessly into your PSA

TimeZest helps your existing platform work harder for you. Unlike many add-on scheduling workflow applications, TimeZest is designed to integrate into your existing professional service automation products (PSA), such as ConnectWise and Autotask. And, because scheduling the support appointment can be embedded in service tickets, you never have to leave the workflow environment to begin a separate scheduling task.

3. Eliminates wasted time, money, and frustration. 

The time and energy spent on scheduling support appointments is not simply an annoyance: it comes at a real cost to your profitability, the satisfaction of your valuable dispatcher and tech talent, and to your clients’ perception of you as a technology company.  Shockingly, the average MSP loses 2 – 4 weeks per year of time to scheduling, costing thousands of dollars and reducing operating gross margins.  By eliminating this unnecessary and avoidable hurdle through scheduling workflow automation, you allow the talented experts you’ve worked hard to attract and retain shine in their role, instead of wasting their skills to the endless nightmare of scheduling ping pong.

4. Eliminates no-shows. 

There are few things more frustrating for your dispatcher and techs than going through the process of aligning schedules for a meeting, only to have a client no-show, starting the process over again. Despite the client being responsible for the no-show, not your team, it can still contribute to the client’s building sense of frustration over the lost time during which their issue still has not been resolved. One of the most powerful benefits of TimeZest is its direct impact on eliminating no shows, thanks to scheduling workflow automation: the optimum time is secured on the client’s calendar from the beginning, and you can empower your clients to have the option to easily reschedule if they need to – instead of just not showing up. 

5. Improves customer’s perceived responsiveness

One of the most interesting and exciting benefits of TimeZest was revealed to us in a customer testimonial. The customer told us that, prior to using TimeZest, their helpdesk was slammed and their clients would complain about help desk availability. After implementing TimeZest, their help desk was every bit as busy – but their clients stopped complaining about their availability! TimeZest’s scheduling automation had shifted the psychology around the engagement with their clients, giving them immediate control over when to schedule help desk service  –  and that’s a game-changer.

We’re here to reduce time spent on IT issues.

As a team of MSP industry professionals, we have a deep understanding and empathy for the issues our clients, and their dispatch and helpdesk teams, are facing and we know firsthand that relieving an overburdened, inefficient help desk can have a direct impact on increasing operational efficiency and improving gross margins. The bottom line: your teams cannot afford to be wasting their time and talent on scheduling ping pong. TimeZest provides a revolutionary, seamless solution through scheduling workflow automation, removing costly and unnecessary frustration for your valuable team members, clients, and yourself.