Gain Control of Your Calendar

Gain Control of Your Calendar with the Power of Scheduling Automation

Integrating scheduling automation doesn’t mean giving up control of your calendar – in fact, if it’s done right, it does the exact opposite. At TimeZest, we’ve seen the powerful results that come with our seamless scheduling automation solution, so we’re firm believers, but one of the top areas of concern we hear from prospective clients is a fear of giving up their calendar autonomy. The happy truth is: for our user community of more than 1,000 MSPs, automated scheduling sets them free, giving them back efficiency, valuable time, eliminating no-shows, and boosting client satisfaction. At TimeZest, we listened to our customers and developed our solution to allow you to custom-define where automated meetings can happen in your calendar – from 24×7, the entire business day, or even the smallest amount possible of just 15 minutes on a single day.  Here are the top 3 reasons why giving up manual scheduling will help you gain control over your calendar.

Top 3 Ways To Gain Control Over Your Calendar While Giving Up Manual Scheduling 

#1 TimeZest Gives You Complete Control Over Your Calendar

Automation can’t (yet) predict our personal preferences, so we designed TimeZest to protect the times of day you want to be protected, handling the vast majority of scheduling within the rules you set – while still giving you the power to make changes based on your preference. For example, you’re able to set windows of available time on your calendar down to 15 min chunks. This restricts when time can be scheduled on your calendar to meet your schedule. However, if an issue comes up, or a VIP client needs your time, you can override or adjust those windows as needed on-the-fly. 

#2 TimeZest Offers Seamless PSA Integration

One of the features of TimeZest that set us apart is that we’re designed to be seamlessly integrated into your existing PSA, minimizing time spent switching between applications and solutions. TimeZest integrates scheduling directly into your support ticket lifecycle, which allows MSPs to create an entirely new seamless scheduling experience for techs and clients.  That means no more “cable-guy” windows that deliver a poor client experience during which they’re waiting around or (worse) a no-show.  By securing the optimal time on both calendars, you’re able to provide a better, more satisfying client experience, eliminate no-shows and rescheduling, and secure the right tech for the job, every time. 

ConnectWise Manage and Datto Autotask are great examples of a leading PSA’s that seamlessly integrate with TimeZest. ConnectWise Manage and Datto Automate are designed to offer a single, cohesive ecosystem that automates all the legacy administrative work areas of business including sales, helpdesk, support, finance, and human resources. Because scheduling is such an enormous drain on resources, as much as 2 weeks of time every year, integrating TimeZest into your PSA itself helps optimize business operations for ConnectWise and Autoatask customers. Some of the top perks we hear from our clients are:

  • Giving techs more time in their day by eliminating scheduling, follow-up calls, messages, emails, and other methods of connecting with their clients.
  • No need to leave PSA for a siloed scheduling application.
  • Streamlining communication by integrating with their existing communications applications, like Microsoft Teams.
  • Constantly adding features and being receptive to feedback. 
  • Reducing manual dispatching work.
  • Easy to implement, train, and use.
  • Providing immediate value by reducing overall client time spent on IT.
  • Much more.

#3 TimeZest Is a Dispatcher’s Secret Weapon

When it comes to missing SLAs with our clients, one of the first places to look is if you’re empowering your dispatcher to work efficiently and strategically. Dispatchers know their techs and are highly skilled at determining the right expert for a service issue, as well as managing VIP clients. If your dispatcher’s time is wasted making manual scheduling changes, you’re not utilizing them for their value: making strategic, human decisions that drive white-glove client experiences and high job satisfaction among your techs. TimeZest empowers your dispatchers to optimize the client support experience with buffer times, escalation, after-hours work staffing, and many other automated features. 

Automation Is The Future for MSP Businesses

Automation is the industry standard and MSPs have to evolve to remain relevant and competitive. While TimeZest is revolutionary for tech roles in MSP businesses, the pain and inefficiency caused by scheduling are by no means unique to dispatcher and tech roles. From sales to marketing, and beyond, securing calendar time quickly and efficiently through automation is a game-changer that increases profitability, productivity, and both client and employee satisfaction.

We’re proud to offer a solution that is helping MSPs gain control over their scheduling process through revolutionary automation that puts them in the driver’s seat and empowers them to deliver superior client experiences every time. 

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