How To Grow Your MSP Marketshare in 2022

How To Grow Your MSP Marketshare in 2022

Top IT Industry Growth Opportunities for MSP Helpdesk in 2022

1. Efficiency is Everything

We’ve talked about how efficiency is the key driver for profitability in the face of a competitive labor market. At TimeZest, we’re highly focused on efficiency as we recognize how our revolutionary support scheduling automation provides increased profitability, productivity, and client satisfaction. What seems like a small problem (the annoyance of scheduling ping-pong) is actually highly costly in time and money to an organization (to the tune of two weeks of lost time every year). In 2022, MSP helpdesks will need to focus relentlessly on eliminating inefficiencies across their businesses to remain competitive and grow market share. 

2. Most Work is Remote Work

The pandemic has potentially changed the way we work for good. The shift to remote work is the new normal in 2022 and is only looking to increase in 2023. Cloud-based systems and PSAs, remote management, and integrated communications technology are crucial to supporting remote teams, making MSP helpdesks more critical than ever. 

Even better: since your clients can be anywhere, this is a major opportunity for MSP helpdesks to service clients beyond their geographical area. Providing a seamless client experience powered by efficiency and proactivity will set you apart. 

3. Cybersecurity is Critical

That move to remote work is a positive for many reasons, but it also opens organizations up to risk for cybersecurity attacks. As industry veterans know, the attack itself is harmful enough, but the associated compliance violations, fines, and negative impact on an organization’s reputation can be catastrophic – 60% of small companies are no longer in operation 6 months after being hacked. 

With remote workers being the most vulnerable point in a company’s network, MSP helpdesks can leverage this opportunity by harnessing the power of best-in-class cybersecurity practices and technologies power to monitor and manage offsite IT systems.

4. A Focus on Flexibility

As the business landscape continues to evolve at warp speed, MSP helpdesks have to be ready to change just as fast. From offering additional service areas to working collaboratively with clients, the only thing that is certain is that, by next year, there will be an entirely new set of challenges and opportunities facing MSP helpdesks. 

From being up-to-speed on the latest integrated communications offerings to ensuring you can bolster their business continuity in the face of an adverse event or cyber attack, remaining flexible and agile is critical to providing the service and support your clients need. 

5. Opportunities Abound for Solo-MSPs

As clients become more open to co-managed or entirely outsourced IT, the opportunity for smaller businesses to gain what they’re looking for from solo MPSs is here. The cost of finding and training top talent is steep, so retaining your top talent for your helpdesk becomes even more critical for MSP helpdesks. One of the biggest drains on tech satisfaction? Spending 80+ hours a year scheduling support tickets and rescheduling no-shows. Once you’ve got the right team in place, don’t waste their time and talent. Wherever possible, build in automation to create efficiency that lets them shine where you need them to shine – growing your market share, not their own. 

We’re Here To Help

As MSP-industry veterans, we know how challenging the past few years have been, but we’re also optimistic about the incredible opportunity for growth in the MSP helpdesk field. We’re here to help drive efficiency at your organization with our revolutionary scheduling automation solution, TimeZest. We can help you streamline and empower your teams to help you gain the MSP helpdesk market share you deserve in 2022. We can get you up and running in no time thanks to direct integration into your PSA. Learn more about how you can harness the power of TimeZest to optimize your MSP helpdesk here. Start your 14-day free trial today to see how much you could save with TimeZest.