Reduce MSP Helpdesk Volume & Optimize Performance

How To Reduce Your Helpdesk Volume with TimeZest

As MSP industry-veterans, we know just how much volume helpdesks experience every day. We’re also familiar with the high level of frustration caused by inefficiency, which comes at a real cost to the happiness of your team and your clients. When we designed TimeZest, we knew we wanted to create a simple, seamlessly integrated solution that would eliminate one of the biggest inefficiencies for helpdesks: client scheduling. This one area causes a disproportionate amount of challenges for helpdesks and costs MSPs time, money, and opportunity. Here’s how this single optimization can help you reduce your helpdesk volume, freeing up your valuable team for satisfying, skilled work, quickly and efficiently resolving client needs. 

Top 4 Ways TimeZest Reduces Helpdesk Volume and Optimizes Performance

1. Eliminates Time Spent On Scheduling (And Rescheduling)

The key to painless scheduling is automation. With TimeZest, the scheduling process is seamlessly integrated into your existing PSA, like ConnectWise or Autotask, and occurs as soon as a ticket has been generated that requires a client meeting. This means that part of the first step your team takes in resolving a client’s issue, creating the ticket, also secures the optimal time for your schedule, including the right tech for the job. When your client receives their confirmation, they know the ticket has been received, who the tech assigned to their ticket is, and the service appointment is automatically added to their calendar – with absolutely no scheduling ping-pong, a costly inefficiency that can quickly add up to over 2 weeks of lost time per year.

2. Reduces Call Volume

One of the most impactful results of this automation is the client’s perception that the solution is underway. In traditional ticketing processes that require manual scheduling, clients can lose a sense of the status of their ticket and, anxious to get their issue resolved, can begin calling or emailing off a service ticket to check in on the issue, taking up time for your dispatcher and techs to provide status updates. By securing their appointment in the ticket lifecycle, TimeZest breaks that cycle of checking-in, easing the client’s concerns and reducing inefficient and unnecessary follow-up and status conversations.

3. Reduces No Shows and Re-Work

One of the worst impacts of client no-shows is that it prolongs the issue and adds to their frustration – which reflects poorly on your helpdesk. When a client fails to show up for their support appointments, additional time and effort has to go into rescheduling the appointment and the right tech for the issue may no longer be available. TimeZest resolves this pain point by getting the optimal time reserved on a client’s schedule from the beginning and – if they do have a conflict – provides a fast, seamless process for them to reschedule. We were surprised to hear in user testimonials just how powerful this one feature has been to improved client perception of their helpdesk volume.

Getting the right people together at the right time is critical to quickly resolving IT issues. TimeZest’s automated scheduling process lets your dispatcher select the right tech for the client’s issue, manage their team’s workload effectively, and resolve issues faster and the first time.

4. Let Your Team Shine

You hired the best, but scheduling ping-pong can dull the luster on even the most talented and responsive helpdesk. TimeZest helps improve customer perception by helping clients see the responsive, agile nature of your helpdesk to quickly and efficiently resolve their issues without endless back-and-forth communication around scheduling that doesn’t move them closer to the resolution of the problem. The truth is: your helpdesk will be just as busy, but much more efficient, so your clients will not feel the frustration that is a harmful side effect of scheduling ping-pong. 

Scheduling, Solved.

You hired the best of the best for your helpdesk. We’re proud to have created a solution that resolves their top frustrations by streamlining scheduling for support appointments within your existing PSA. Helpdesks will always be busy, but the goal is for them to be busy providing their invaluable skilled work – not bogged down in unnecessary calls and scheduling ping pong. Learn more about how TimeZest can help you improve customer perception and the satisfaction of your skilled team.