How TimeZest Fixes Calendar Syncing Issues Between Microsoft Outlook and Your PSA

As an MSP you rely on a variety of integrations across systems and software to run your business. Around the world, petabytes of information sync from one system to another every day with little to no issue. But one integration that has never quite worked as expected is the one between your PSA and Microsoft 365 calendars. Despite years of refinement this syncing is often slow and sometimes doesn’t happen at all.

This causes a lot of MSPs to have to juggle between two primary calendars: one associated with their Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool and another with their Microsoft 365 account.

The implications of this problem range from double bookings to time-consuming manual checks. As the only scheduling platform that is integrated with PSAs like Connectwise and Autotask (and soon to be HaloPSA!), once TimeZest integrated with Outlook we were able to address a long-term scheduling headache that’s existed for more than a decade.

The Challenge

Double Booking
Imagine this: You schedule an appointment with a high-value client in your Microsoft 365 calendar, believing you have a free slot. Unknown to you, there’s already a service ticket scheduled in your PSA for that same time. This kind of double booking doesn’t just reflect poorly on your organization’s professionalism; it can be frustrating for your client.

Disjointed Teams
The situation becomes even more complicated when different teams use different calendars. Service teams, who frequently work within the PSA, often rely solely on the PSA calendar. On the other hand, sales and MSP leaders may use only their Microsoft 365 calendars. This disjointed approach not only leads to inefficiencies but also complicates internal communications.

The Need for Manual Checks
The current workaround for many MSPs is manual checking—constantly flipping between two calendars to ensure they align. This process not only takes up valuable time but is also prone to human error. A modern solution to this problem needs to give a real-time view of both calendars.

The Fix: TimeZest (obviously)

Real-time View into Both Calendars
TimeZest provides a unique solution to these calendar syncing issues. By offering real-time visibility into both your Microsoft 365 and PSA calendars, TimeZest ensures that everyone in your organization is literally on the same page. Your clients can easily schedule appointments with you without the back-and-forth typically associated with manual scheduling.

Designed with MSPs in Mind
Being the only scheduling platform built from the ground up for MSPs, TimeZest also integrates seamlessly with the PSA tools you already use. This ensures that not only is your client scheduling efficient, but it’s also aligned with your other professional services workflows.

Streamlined User Experience
Through an intuitive, user-friendly interface, TimeZest makes it easy for both your team and your clients to manage appointments. The client can see your real-time availability and can book an appointment in just a few clicks, eliminating the inconvenience of manual scheduling.

How It Works
• Integration: Sync your Microsoft 365 and PSA calendars with TimeZest.
• Configuration: Set your preferences and availability.
• Scheduling: Share your TimeZest link with clients.
• Confirmation: Both your PSA and Microsoft 365 calendars update automatically with the new appointment.

Calendar management may seem like a small cog in the complex machinery of MSP operations, but its efficiency can have a ripple effect on your entire business. TimeZest addresses the unique challenges MSPs face with calendar syncing, providing a streamlined, real-time solution that improves both internal coordination and client experience.

No more double bookings, no more disjointed teams, and no more manual checks. Experience the power of seamless scheduling with TimeZest today.